About Kathleen

Hello, my name is Kathleen Wainwright and I am a proud teacher in the School District of Philadelphia. I currently teach third grade; however with over 17 years of teaching experience- I’ve taught just about every grade from K-6. Third and fourth grades have found a special place in my heart— they are the two most important primary grades in my opinion (I can tell more about that in a future blog post). They are also my two most favorite grades to teach! I am a Reading Specialist and a National Board Certified Teacher…. teaching reading literacy is my calling and my passion. Not only do I teach I also create educational resources that can be used for literacy instruction- my specialty is differentiated instruction. I truly enjoy sharing tips and teaching resources on my blog often- it is where I can I share my insight and my resources with teachers, parents, and homeschoolers. My hope is that visitors find my blog to be a virtual library full of helpful and meaningful tools that can be used in their classrooms. In addition to teaching, I am an author of two children’s books- Summer in the City and Ziggie Tales: Ziggie’s Big Adventure. I am currently in the process of finishing my third book, the second chapter book in the Ziggie Tales series, Ziggie Tales: Layla’s Lemonade Stand. Since you’ve stopped by, look around and check out my blog and resources for differentiating instruction! To receive information about posts and resources recently posted to my blog, feel free to subscribe to my blog here. By subscribing to my blog, you will receive exclusive access to my Resource Library. Enjoy!