Bright Ideas: Just Add Color (When Making Your Next Flip Book)

Screen-Shot-2014-01-29-at-5.50.00-PMSometimes when you have to shake things up with your students, you just have to add a splash of color!

I’ve been working with my students in preparation for the PSSA on developing their text dependent analysis essays. I taught them how to organize a strong response to a text dependent question using an outline/template: Introduction, Topic Sentence, Evidence/Proof, Analysis/Explanation, Conclusion. I decided to create a flip book to help them keep notes on each component of their response and to use for visual support. Initially, I used regular white paper but it just didn’t do it for me! I felt like the flip book was okay, but it needed something else to really grab my students.

IMG_1368So, I decided to add a splash of color! I happened to have 6 packs of assorted colored paper stashed away in my closet-perfect! When it was time to construct our flip books the students were into it- not just because they were looking forward to putting it together, they were also excited about the assortment of colors.

IMG_1358 IMG_1360 IMG_1361 IMG_1365 IMG_1364 IMG_1367


As simple as this activity was, it was a good change of pace for my students. They enjoyed creating the flip books. Especially because we haven’t made any in a while. I found it interesting how just adding a few colors to our activity immediately got the students excited. We use these flip books when we write our TDA essays and I find my students pulling them out and using them without me prompting them to do so. This was a good alternative to the regular templates/ graphic organizers I create. 

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  1. Students of all ages seem to like the visual stimulation of color. I’ve noticed how excited students are about creating these flip book foldables, and how they seem to care for them so much more that plain white copy sheets. Don’t let anyone tell you that these note-taking strategies are a waste of time!

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