Bright Ideas: Just Add Color (When Making Your Next Flip Book)

Screen-Shot-2014-01-29-at-5.50.00-PMSometimes when you have to shake things up with your students, you just have to add a splash of color!

I’ve been working with my students in preparation for the PSSA on developing their text dependent analysis essays. I taught them how to organize a strong response to a text dependent question using an outline/template: Introduction, Topic Sentence, Evidence/Proof, Analysis/Explanation, Conclusion. I decided to create a flip book to help them keep notes on each component of their response and to use for visual support. Initially, I used regular white paper but it just didn’t do it for me! I felt like the flip book was okay, but it needed something else to really grab my students.

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Understanding Word Study in the Primary Classroom: Understanding the Three Language Systems

Understanding the Three Language Systems: As It Relates to Word Study

If you are looking for information that will support word study instruction in your classroom, you may find this blog post helpful. I personally find that word study instruction, when done consistently and systematically, can be key in strengthening the young readers in your classroom. In this particular post, and a few that will follow, I want to highlight tools, strategies, and resources for word study instruction that are instrumental for effective word study instruction during your literacy block. Keep in mind that word study is researched based and has been used in my classroom for many years. Read More … “Understanding Word Study in the Primary Classroom: Understanding the Three Language Systems”

Teaching with YouTube: Making Inferences

I LOVE teaching students how to make inferences! I think it is because this is a difficult concept for them to grasp and once they get it, you can actually see the light bulb blinking above their head! I taught a lesson on making inferences last week and want to share a few resources that may be helpful in your classroom. Read More … “Teaching with YouTube: Making Inferences”