Classroom Hack: Paperless Skill and Drills


Screen-Shot-2014-01-29-at-5.50.00-PMToday I am linking up with the Bright Ideas Blog Hop and sharing one of my most trusty classroom hacks: paperless skill and drills!



Ok- so my idea for a “paperless skill and drill” isn’t totally paperless! However, once you make your initial copies for each student, you don’t have to make them anymore! This is perfect for math and other important focus skills in literacy, social studies and science that should be reinforced and/or done repetitively to promote automaticity.


Here is how it works. After making a copy of a designated skill and drill for each student, place each one inside of a sheet protector (the sturdy ones if you want to get a lot of mileage out of this system), provide each student with an Expo marker (skinny) and voila– you have a paperless skill and drill that you can use several times without having to use tons of paper!


I primarily use paperless skill and drills during math for our math warm-up (right now- multiplication and division facts).


You can use paperless skill and drills for several different skills in any subject- I’ve used them to practice prefixes/suffixes, state capitals, parts of speech, text features, geometrical shapes and figures and much more.

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