Imagination Station: Writing Picture Prompts

My students can always use extra help and/or time with writing. Unfortunately, I don’t think we get to write enough. Sometimes, it just feels like there isn’t enough hours in the day to get to it all. I usually go through the writing process every week and have the majority of students publish weekly. When I am not teaching writing, I have my students reinforce important writing skills during reading workshop. During reading workshop, I rotate my students through 4-5 groups: guided reading, independent reading, working with words, writing, and research (Scholastic News or inquiry activities using designated sites online).

During their writing rotation, students are encourage to complete a variety of journal activities. I use a variety of journal writing tasks. Today I am sharing my writing picture prompts. This is a classroom favorite! This is a resource that is *free in my TPT store and can be downloaded by clicking here. Imagination: Writing Picture Prompts is a series of picture promote that can be projected on the board or as individual task cards. Here are most of the prompts that are included in this resource. I like to find pictures that will likely get a response from the students. It keeps them interested  and excited to write and the stories that they come up with can be absolutely amazing (weird, hilarious, deep….yup, these prompts pull out some of their best ideas : )

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