Special Feature: Making Choices Activity Set (Day 1)

Good Morning, Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. If you are anything like me- you are kind of dreading the Sunday night shuffle…..laundry, clothes picked out, meal prep, last minute lesson plans, take the trash out (trash day is on Monday and I am single so…..), and the list can go on and on. Dreading it, not because we aren’t looking forward to Monday, but because we aren’t ready to say good-bye to the weekend.

Well if you are blog hopping to kill some time before getting prepared for the week- you may have hit the jackpot! This week-starting today- I will be posting a different Making Choices Activity Set to my blog everyday. These resources are perfect for reading workshop, small group work and independent practice. I want to share my new “no-prep/ just add paper” resources with everyone because I figured I may be able to help shave some planning time off of someone’s schedule. By using these choice board activities, you can spend less time planning and more time doing something else equally important (like surfing pinterest : ).This week can be the perfect time to add them to your library of resources- as the end of the school year approaches these activities can help your classroom run on autopilot with very little prep work for you (remember- just add paper). I recently posted about my Making Choices Activity Sets here. Feel free to read the post if you want more information. I’ll give you a quick run-through here…

Making Choices Activity Sets are a compilation of choice board activities that focus on a particular focus skills. It is what I use with my students during reading workshop to provide engaging activities and accountability. A choice board has a mixture of activities that must be done, and a few activities that are optional. Students can choose what activities they do and when….but all of the must-do’s are due by Friday.

Choice board activities provide students with differentiated learning tasks that reinforce concepts and focus skills that they should be able to recall, identify and/or perform with automaticity.  These activities give you “bang for your buck” because it allows you to spend instructional time on new concepts while students work toward mastery when completing their choice boards.


Today’s highlighted choice board is the Making Choices Activity Set: Fact and Opinion. My students really enjoyed this choice board because the theme of the activities focuses on classroom pets. By the end of the week, students had to use both facts and opinions to help persuade their classmates to choose the class pet of their choice. Of course we are not going to get a pet this late in the year; however, my students really enjoyed “debating” the perfect classroom pet. They also chose to look up facts using the classroom computers and enjoyed working in small groups.



The Making Choices Activity Set: Fact and Opinion has 5 no-prep activities that can be used immediately after downloading. It also includes a sample choice board with suggested activities and a blank choice board if you want to write in activities of your choice.


In addition to the activities that I have provided, I also include a reading log for students to complete during their independent reading time. This is a must-do activity on their choice board.



If you are looking for additional activities to use during this block of time in your classroom, I’ve also created file folder games to accompany each choice board activity set. This is a way to provide students with more hands-on options and additional practice with the highlighted skill. The following file folder game compliments the fact and opinion choice board activities.



Tomorrow I will be sharing my Making Choices Activity Set: Similes and Metaphors with a cool file folder games that can be used along with it. Be sure to stop back by my blog so you can see the new activities. BE SURE TO READ AND CLICK BELOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE A FREE CHOICE BOARD SET EACH MONTH! 

Have a great week!



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