Special Feature: Making Choices Activity Set (Day 2)

Welcome to Day 2 of the Special Feature: Making Choices Activity Set. Today I am sharing a choice board that focuses on identifying similes and metaphors. I found that my students need to understand/identify and interpret figurative language when reading chapter books, picture books, poetry and short stories. Authors use figurative language to help the reader create mental images when reading. When students understand that figurative language is a way to compare objects, people, and/or events- it strengthens their understanding when reading and it improves their writing by helping them to develop their “voice”.


My students enjoyed working on this choice board because they were able to be creative. It also calls for highlighting and coloring- and my students love to highlight and color!

Here are the must-do activities that are included in this resource, Making Choices Activity Set: Similes and Metaphors.


If you enjoy using choice boards in your classroom, here is an activity that you can add to your students “may-do” activities. I always add file folder games to add variety to the activities my students can choose from. Here is the file folder game that accompanies this choice board activity.


To read more about how I use choice boards in the classroom, click here.

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