Special Feature: Making Choices Activity Set (Day 3)

Welcome to Day 3 of the Special Feature: Making Choices Activity Set. Today I am sharing a choice board that focuses on identifying synonyms. I haven’t used this highlighted choice board yet. We are just finishing up our statewide standardized testing so I plan on using this particular choice board next week. I am planning for the rest of the year in advance because at this point we are moving in autopilot. I spent the first six months of school reinforcing and establishing routines and classroom systems. This is primarily because the goal is for me to transition into the position of a “facilitator” and students begin to take more control over their learning. By creating choice boards in advance, I know that our reading workshop will be covered for the remainder of the school year. This is a big deal because it opens up planning time for me to start getting ready for next year. If you are looking for simple, no-prep activities for the end of the school year- choice board activities are perfect. Click here to check out my Making Choices Activity Sets in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


In this choice board set there are a total of 9 worksheets. I have 5 activities that provide students with a few different ways to practice identifying synonyms. Four of the activities have two worksheets. These additional worksheets can be used as an informal assessment and/or additional practice activities.

To read more about how I use choice boards in the classroom, click here.

Tomorrow I will be sharing my Making Choices Activity Set: Antonyms. Be sure to stop back by my blog so you can see the new activities. BE SURE TO READ AND CLICK BELOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE A FREE CHOICE BOARD SET EACH MONTH! 

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